Salary + Travel Allowance + Cell-phone Allowance

MorClick is looking for an enthusiastic regional sales representative to generate new business & onboard and manage new and existing dealers in Limpopo.


The following key accountabilities are required to succeed in this role:

  • Forecasting Accuracy
    • Candidate must be able generate forecast reports and be able to establish KPI’s for accounts under management.
  • Creative Business Development
    • Must be able to develop unique ways to grow the business with your customer and provide solutions to management in the face of challenges.
  • Thorough Business Planning
    • Must be able to compile a business strategy that aligns Morclick, reseller and customer.
    • Be able to identify window of opportunity and execute sales strategy to capitalise.
  • Understanding Market
    • Continuous market research.
    • Identify competitors and product offering to market.
  • Strong Customer Relationships
    • Customer relationships need to be managed end-to-end. Regular engagement and after sales service is crucial to ensure the customer experience is exceeded and in doing so establish brand loyalty.
  • In-depth Product / Brand Knowledge
    • Product knowledge is key to secure and closing a sale.
    • Need to be confident/believe in the product and brand.
    • Continuous professional development is essential to ensure one stays ahead of the current market trends.
  • Fact Based Selling
    • Facts are the most powerful selling tool and you must be able to arrange these facts in a way that builds customer excitement and closes the sale. You must also be analytical and go beyond the numbers to find the real insight that will be the key to growing your brands with your customer.
Technical Competency
Not required
1 Communication They must be comfortable addressing executives as well as coordinating with operations managers.      
2 Company & Customer Expertise One of the primary goals is to nurture strategic relationships with top accounts, so one must possess an in-depth knowledge of the company and its customers. This expertise allows them to identify the best opportunities for growth and service to the client.      
3 Strategic Perspective Need to have a strategic perspective that goes beyond short-term gains. They must be able to juggle many moving parts and orchestrate deals and long-term plans that align with a mutually beneficial strategy.      
4 Skilled Negotiation To build the lifetime value of their customer. To do this, they not only need to sell to the customer but also negotiate terms so both parties end up happy.      
5 Value-based Selling Long-term success depends on being able to demonstrate value to the customer.      



  • Onboarding new resellers/dealers
  • Managing Allocated regional network
  • Customer Engagement
  • Generating Sales
  • Managing Dealer complaints and queries
  • Set dealer KPI’s
  • Daily dealer/reseller engagement
  • Develop sales and marketing strategies


  • Working and reliable car
  • Cell-phone
  • Working laptop


  • Includes basic, travel allowance and cell-phone allowance.


  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • Matric (Grade 12) – NSC
    • Undergraduate Degree – Preferably Business & Management
  • Minimum Experience:
    • 1-2 years’ experience
  • The ability to speak Afrikaans

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